Past Projects

The Sphere Puzzle : The Sphere Puzzle, was turned as a complicated test turning, actually turning the star shaped turning, within the globe.  Many people have attempted to open the sphere, as they are convinced it is not turned in one piece.  It is most definitely a one piece turning, and once studied it will become self evident to experienced turners, exactly how its done.  So keep guessing.

The Stag's Head : The Stag's Head was carved from a large piece of excellent bog oak about 7 years ago.  I was lucky to get it among my turf from Woodfield bog in Offaly.  It measures about 30" long and 24" high, and took about 130 hours to carve. It was finished by sanding by hand through all the grades of paper from 150 grit , to 200 wet and dry paper, and then given a light coat of wax.  It was on display in Athlone at one time, when I loaned it to two tourism students, for an exhibition on bog oak carving in Ireland.  It presently sits on my mantelpiece at home, I originally carved it for sale but I'm not sure if I have the heart to sell it now, who knows.

The Ash Table : This Ash Table was made from American White Ash.  As always my furniture projects are totally crafted in solid timber, and rely on their strength from properly crafted traditional joint construction. There are no screws, nails or pins in this form of construction. 

Measuring  60" long and 22" wide and 16" high , this piece was commissioned by a midlands based client.

The Two Seater : This Two Seater was commissioned by a local person, who had very specific requirements for the overall design issues involved.  It was a necessary design need, that the left hand arm was omitted, so that the Two Seater allowed the right hand base board to be raised about 6".  This allowed a person to use this seat as a recliner to sleep on.

Made entirely from American White Ash for all the solid components, and MDF material for the base board.  Again the construction was entirely free of nails, screws, or any types of fittings.

The Salad Set : A salad set, servers and bowls. Made from native sycamore. Finished in vegetable oil.

Recent Projects.
Burr Wych Elm Clock.         


Tree Spirit Carving.

Tree spirit hand  carved in pine. Measuring 300mm high by approximately 240mm wide.

Currently residing in my decking area.

Oak Storage Box For Props.

Originally made for the storage of a

master set of blocks that were used to

form the casting moulds for a set of 

Key To Life props from the Dr.Who series.


Prop of one of the Master Block Set, described earlier.

This is a single block based on a 150mm cube. Six different blocks in total form a cube. Six were made as a master set, and stored in the oak box described earlier. Made from high density mdf, for stability in the moulding process . And then resin blocks were cast in the silicon moulds taken from this master set.

Entrance Gates.

Red Deal entrance gates  with a capstan wheel centre design.

Tree Spirit Carving.

Made from Limewood.

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